Meeting with Dr Rares Capitan, DVM, resident ECVD


Dr Rares Capitan , DVM, resident ECVD

    1. When and how you decided to be veterinarian?

I was inspired by my mom and she implement this idea in my mind, as early as I was in elementary school. For me it was my one option. It was life a goal to achieve. I studied veterinary high school and the next step was Veterinary Faculty. Another personal motivation was my first dog. When I was 10 years old and he unfortunately  died of Parvovirosis. I was  promised to myself that I will try to save as many animals as I can.

     2.How did you choose Dermatology as your professional?

I think all started by frustration of dealing with dermatological cases in my clinic.      Because if you think about Dermatology, are more less the same. So can you figure it out what is going on with the patient and what is the right diagnosis.Of course, you need to have patience , to have detective way of thinking. I think everything started by attending workshop by Chiara Noli in Bucharest. Then I understood that this is what I wanted to do . The more I got into it, I could not stop. Now, here I am, traveling as a specialist.

3. Tell us ” the price ” to be professional veterinarian?

This a good and hard question. Everybody is first concern about the money. Because the learning in this level is very costly. From my experience , I cannot say is not a financial matter, but is not the most important thing to reach your dream. Time is the most precious thing , because you need to learn, to prepare yourself for the mentor and college expectations. This is far beyond of my initial expectations.

To do residency at european level you need to be 200% motivated , 200% dedicated, 200% willing to succeed  and more less leave everything aside. But at the end I know it will worthy.

4. Tell us about your Dermatology Association in Romania?

I am very proud about our association. I think, the biggest goal is to bring international high level of science and practice of veterinary dermatology, closer to our region. I think SRDV (Romanian Society of Veterinary Dermatology) is starting to do that. We are young society, but we already had our first annual congress with 300 participants, 2 workshops and we plan to do 2 more this summer. We are organizing the second big annual congress in October this year. For future plans we want to spread the knowledge over other countries on the Balkans, where I know, there are vets , who  need to be part of our society. So we are open to welcome any vet from the Balkan to join us, whoever wants to get involve and join our spirit.

5.Which are negative and positive things to be vet on the Balkans?

Let’s start with the negative. We are depending of our countries economically substantial difference between our general practice level and this one in Western Europe. But there are a lot of good enthusiastic people who want to learn more and align the way of practice and knowledge.

6. Would you like to share with us your future plans?

Of course, I want to finish my residency and pass my exam. I want to build first dermatological clinic in our region. Another big dream of mind, is to have my own residents from the Balkans. So they continue this win. I am already looking for highly motivated vets that want to do performance.

7. What do you thin about Vets on The Balkans?

I think is a good interesting idea. I really hope that this project will  continue for a long time and collect many vets as want to share their experience. So the whole community from the Balkans will progress in a good way.


Dr Rares Capitan, DVM , resident in ECVD

He graduated in 2006 at Faculty in Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest , Romania. He is member of ESVD- Europian Society of Veterinary Dermatology.

He passionate about all areas related to veterinary dermatology services to elevated to international standards.

Founder member and President of SRDV – Romanian Society of Veterinary Dermatology

He is passionate about all areas related to veterinary dermatology services to elevated to international standards


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