Association?…..What means this?

Conceptual symbol of multiracial human hands making a circle on white background with a copy space in the middle




  1. A mental connection or relation between thoughts, feelings, ideas, or sensations.
  2. An organized body of people who have an interest, activity, or purpose in  common; a society

Based on the fact that this word has the same meaning all over the world, word which means  “connection between conceptions” , it makes me think about myriad veterinary associations in which we all are members. Many and so different associations , every single country has association of small animal practitioners and many others for  ophthalmology , dermatology . They are so many that sometimes we are confused.

Society…. If we feel our colleagues as a society, if we are part (member) of this society and if we know the meaning of the word “society”. Because “society” and “responsible “ are words that go “ hand by hand”.


As a vet in one of the Balkans countries, I am thinking whether our associations on the Balkans are working with the consciousness that the word “association” means likeness, analog and etc. Whether our presidents of our Balkan associations ask regularly their members, if what they do is analogue with what the members expect?  Whether what they do , is what members expect? ….  “  the connection” between thoughts , ideas is still there?

The concept and the platform of any association…..if every single member read or has a possibility to read…a lot of questions which every single vet who is part of an association suppose to have in his/her mind.



I really hope and strongly believe our associations will never forget the meaning of the word “association”. Every single vet should ask himself if he knows in which association he wants to be part and why he is a member, as well as the presidents and the boards of these associations  inform and work for the intersts of veterinary society and for the members!

Luba Gancheva