TTA cases , Dr Goran Tomisic from Belgrade, Serbia

big dog 3

Neapolitan mastiff

big dog 1

Neapolitan mastiff

In our experience most of the patients with TTA surgery are large breed dogs between 25-45kg. We heve  had experienced to work with gient dog (70kg  Neapolitan mastiff)big dog 2 and very small dog (6kg Poodle). 12966364_10209325595520597_1193906793_nFurthermore, the expectations before surgery were that the bigger dog will be a problem for setting the implants, but after both surgeries we were surprised how difficult was to set all implants into the smaller dog. Making the plane of  TTA surgery for small dog our biggest concern before the surgery of poodle was how we would cut the bone, but that part was easiest of the surgery.12966314_10209325898568173_2006959456_n12935231_10209325902128262_1630163835_n Placing the cage and screws was the real challenge. 12939598_10209325908008409_1471598489_n12966391_10209325905128337_1038654349_nThe toughest job was insert the fork into the TTA plate that took most of  the time of surgery. Overall, TTA would be the first chouse for ACL rupture in dogs.

Luba Gancheva