Learn and Travel… a new story from Bulgaria and Italy

80573570_576596106473856_4151501502684332032_nDr Plamena Boycheva from Bulgaria attended our program Learn and Trave with Vets on The Balkans in December 2019 with the support of Blue Sky Commerce and Clinica Veterinara Laggo Magiore.


Let her tell us more about her adventure:

“We all know that to be good vets and to provide the best possible care for our patients we need to be up to date with the newest, the most modern and well-used techniques in our everyday practice. Is there a better way to achieve that than being part of a Vet on the Balkans. Talking about pursuing that goal, I want to thank the whole team of Blue sky commerce and Vet on the Balkans.

I am thrilled to have had the opportunity to be part of the Lago Maggiore Clinic team, even for a week. After a few emails exchanged, I knew that I was going to the right place. I had no doubts regarding my safe journey and the organization of the trip. Let me tell you how I spent my time there:

In a late and rainy afternoon, I arrived at the airport in Italy, where I was greeted by Dr Sara Manfredini – an incredible person and anesthesiologist, who showed me handy tips in anaesthesia. Furthermore, I find out what a great spirit she has. I can easily say that she is the heart of the clinic; she has never stopped giving her passion for everything she has done. She was very supportive, and on the very same day, she arranged a tour around the clinic. I was impressed with the scale of the clinic. There are digital X-ray, CT, well-equipped laboratory room, endoscapy, ultrasound very well organized stationary. Of course, Dr Sara Manfredini was so kind as to order an Italian pizza for my first dinner there. Immediately I felt a friendly and warm atmosphere. Then I met Dr Jessica; rigorous and dedicated doctor. She was the person who showed the apartment where I would be staying and made my time there very easy; thank you, Jessica, for being so lovely and kind.

My colleagues had thought of everything, and the organization was incredible, like everything else that the team do. I can assure you that the atmosphere of this place is terrific.

The chief doctor at the time that I was there was Dr Mariangela De Franco, who has inspired my work. Also, she gave me essential pieces of advice on the field of echocardiography, in which I am very interested. She is not only a fantastic specialist but also a wonderful person. She has led her team with great love and warmth, which reflected on their overall work and attitude towards patients. A few days later, I had the honour to meet Dr Luigi Venko and Dr Luca Formaggini; Two exceptional people and doctors. With professionalism and humanity Dr Formagini, the head of the clinic is the inspiration of each member of the team. Everyone at the clinic has been dedicated and has taught many tricks in my day-to-day work. Besides the professional experience I had given, I also learned to cook some Italian dishes according to original recipes.12745855_10153614352488768_1773045904046497569_n

Although, I might not mention everyone: thank you, people, for your hospitality, your attitude and your guidance. Thank you for the spirit you carry. I wish I would have the opportunity to meet you again soon.”learn and travel23316272_180060419216123_164154967085808895_n

Luba Gancheva