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Luba Gancheva

Dr Luba Gancheva, DVM, M. Sc. Infection diseases, PhDS

She graduated  the Veterinary Faculty in University of Foresty in Sofia, Bulgaria in  2010. In  2012-  2014 she finished her inernship at Department Infection Diseases at  Veterinary Faculty, Trakia University. She attended several veterinary small  animals courses and conferences. She was  speaker 2 times at Romanian annual  small animal congress in Sinaia, Romania, organized by Romanian Small Animal Veterinary Association ( AMVAC/RoSAVA/FECAVA).

She worked 5 years in bulgarian small animal veterinary clinics and  now she is part of the team at clinic in Bucharest, Romania. She is PhD student in Veterinary Faculty in Bucharest, Romania.

“When I visited for the first time Romanian annual congress as a speaker, I was impressed. So close to my country has another one huge veterinary world and nobody from Bulgaria knows about it. It makes me start thinking about our region and how nice would be if we know each other. If we have the opportnity to share our knowledge and to exchange our experience. Then I created the page in Facebook “Vets on the Balkans” and I am more than happy it became veterinary journal with wonderful team from the Balkans”



Daniela Enache

Dr Daniela Enache,DVM,M.Sc.,PhDS
Graduated the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in 2010 , in Timisoara,Romania as  chief of   the promotion. Two years later, in 2012, obtained her Master’s of Science degree in the  same institution: Banat’s University of Agriculture Sciences and Veterinary Medicine “King Michael Iof Romania”. During the faculty she obtained three Excellence Awards 2007/2008/2009 due to her passion to veterinary medicine. She founded a student organization (ASMVT) which currently continue projects started 8 years ago and was able to attend IVSA Congress in Poland together with some colleagues. At that moment started also the affiliation of  ASMVT to an international structure-IVSA ( International Veterinary Student Association). Being interested in small animal practice she started to visit veterinary clinics in Timisoara, during the faculty, and continue with the work in  the clinic after she graduated. She attended several veterinary small animal events in Romania and abroad. At the moment she is a PhD student at Ovidius University from Constanta, Romania and is involved in many veterinary projects due to her contribution to some Romanian associations: AMVAC/RoSAVA (Romanian Small Animal Association) and SRDV (Romanian Society of Veterinary Dermatology). Daniela sees with optimism the future in veterinary medicine in Romania, but also in the Balkans countries due to the projects  that will be prepared, projects which has the aim of raising standards in veterinary medicine and in the same time to promote the future specialists who currently attending intensive courses to bring the quality in small animal practice.


Svetla Drakulovska

Dr Svetla Drakulovska

Our responsible person for Macedonia






Gizem Taktak

Dr Gizem Taktak

She gradutated from Faculty of Veterinary Medicine,  University of Istanbul , Turkey. When she was at vet school intersted in equine medicine and made her externship in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine University of  Ludwig- Maximillians,Munich, Germany in both small animal and equine clinics and her last year externship was in Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, University of Liverpool  in Leahurst  Equine Hospital. After that she worked sixth months  in Hagyard Equine medical Instiuted, Kentucky , USA and worked in Eaton Sales Farm, KY;USA. Also she made her another externship two months  in Equine Services, Kentucky , USA. After she was back from USA she started to intrested in small animal practice and made her externship in VTM small animal hospital in Ankara, Turkey. Afterwards she worked three diffrent small animal clinic over three years. And She opened her small animal practice in October 2012. She is also in TSAVA commitee and TSAVA director of WSAVA and FECAVA. She has five cats an done dog.



Eugen Sefer

Dr Eugen Sefer
He graduated Veterinary Faculty in Belgrade,Serbia in 2005.

2000-2005 he was voulnter in Panvet small animal clinic in Subotici,Serbia.

In 2006 he is already oficial vet there.He was part of many courses and conferences about small animal practice,as well as he has big experience in lagre animal veterinary medicine.

He is our responsible person for Serbia.


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Milan Mihailov

Dr Milan Mihajlov

He is our responsible person for Bosnia and Herzegovina