Learn and Travel…..stories from vets!


Dr Constantin Ifteme



In March 2017, Dr Nadejda Tsureva, working at Veterinary Clinic ” Dobro Hrumvane” in city of Sofia, Bulgaria, has done her externship at Centru de Endoscopie si Chirurgie Minim Invasiva Veterinara with Dr Constantin Ifteme in city of Bucharest, Romania.endo3endo6

What is the opinion of Dr Nadejda Tsureva:

“Dear colleagues and friends,

I want to thank you for the opportunity of spending some precious time in Centru de endoscopie si chirurgie digestiva veterinara in Romania. Thanks a lot to Vets on the Balkans and the Vet team of the endoscopic center.
I had the chance of meeting new friends and family. Had the chance of learning from great professionals and great people. Working with love for the animals is really important and when combined with knowledge and great skills that is how “magic” is happening. I am really pleased to know that there are more people of that special “breed”.
Thank you all for the knowledge and the smiles you shared with me.
Hope to see you again.
To my Romanian family with love.
d-r Nadezhda Tsureva
We would like to express our gratitude to Dr Constantin Ifteme and brilliant team for everything. We are proud to have you on The Balkans , such a high level of professionalism and big heart!endo4 endo2 endo5

Learn and Travel……. stories from the vets!

learn and travelLast month started for the first time our project ” LEARN AND TRAVEL WITH VETS ON THE BALKANS”. Dr Andrey Ginchev from Bulgaria, working in Blue Cross veterinary clinic in city of Sofia, and Dr Cristian Badulescu, main vet and owner of Blue Point Vet veterinary clinic in city of Bucharest, Romania have done their externship at Clinica Veterinara Lago Maggiore – Dr Lugi Venco , Dr Luca Formaggini and Dr Mariangela De Franco. Both of them have stayed 2 weeks. I think is better they to speak about the adveture.

Dr Andrey Ginchev:

I have so many good things to say about this externship. Firstly, it was the best experience of my life! The doctors  are amazing,especially Dr Luca Formaginni and Doctor Luigi Venco –  the best doctors I ‘ve ever seen in my life.17309856_1747923415519034_2303429150324906549_n 17342975_1747923572185685_5866766753935364961_n

The team was very well organized,very welcoming and really friendly with me. I met a lot of people from Italy and had great time with them. I became more flexible to changes, more ambitious and more sociable. My desire to travel is increased. Also this practise  helps me to gain my confidence in my own abilities,so now I am more self – confident in my work.I improved my English language and also I learned a little bit Italian…,Grazie and Thank you!!!I hope to see my  Italian friends again.


Dr Andrey Ginchev with the team of the clinic

I´m so thankful for this experience, Thank you very much for this opportunity that you gave to me!17352518_1843303222609950_1508220180873091218_n

Dr Cristian Badulescu :


Dr Cristian Badulescu with the team of the clinic

Before I go to Lago Maggiore Clinic, I looked on the internet to see what’s going on there. I saw them with equipment high-technology facilities. I saw that they are capable and do surgical maneuvers excellent and it’s a veterinary clinic with a very good reputation. I can therefore expect to find here and a little superciliousness, or even some superiority. But it was not so! I found wonderful people, full of positive energy. Highly trained people who know exactly what they do. But what I liked most is modesty and their openness to sharing information. They do not want to hide anything. If you know what questions to put, you get all the information you need. 17522631_1751933485118027_6444855593354748323_n 17498712_1751933001784742_8726199192797128569_nI had the honor to talk to Luca Formaggini, Luigi Venco and Giorgio Romanelli. They are true celebrities in the world of veterinary medicine in Italy. I talked a lot about a lot. The impression to me of all is that all are governed by modesty and good will. So, I thank you Vets on the Balkans for this oportunity to meet great people! Great job! Bright future!17626459_1751932908451418_3868390825708698876_n 17554387_1751934088451300_4726607108209581561_n

And of course the opinion of Dr Luigi Venco:

It ‘s Always a great experience to meet and work with enthusiastic and motivated people like Dr. Andrey Ginchev and Dr Cristian Badulescu. Exchanging knowledge and experiences and find to be friends at the end. Thanks Andrey and Cristian! Thank you Vet on the Balkans!
 Vets on The Balkans
The team of Vets on The Balkans would like to express their gratitude to ALL THE VETS included in the project! THANK YOU Clinica Veterinara Lago Maggiore – Dr Lugi Venco , Dr Luca Formaggini and Dr Mariangela De Franco for the opportunity! In fact, You are Vets on The Balkans, we are just the technical part.
Thank you as well to our sponsors Pamas Trading SRL , Romania and Bayer , Romania. Because of you Vets on The Balkans is alive.


WHO ARE Vets on The Balkans? Veterinarians speak…..

10334323_1650417485231859_7490271749546982451_nLUIGI VENCO, DVM , SCPA, Dipl EVPC, Pavia, Italy


It ‘s a wonderful Journal.  Open source. Clinical cases and tips useful for the reader. Not just a display of vanity for the authors. Congratulations to the editors for strong expended effort




Dr Constantin Ifteme – Center of Veterinary Endoscopy and Minimum Invasive Surgery


Vets on the Balkans it is more than a promoting platform of all successful projects from the veterinary medicine in the Balkans region.  It can be compared with the Olympics of the veterinarians from this geographical area, with major involvement in training and continuous learning of the veterinary community.



Dr Iuliana Ionascu, DVM , PhD, member ESVO


Vets on the Balkans is the meeting point of the specialists, the friends and of the people who have the joy of sharing their experience in areas of interest in veterinary medicine.Vets on the Balkans helped us by placing us in direct contact with specialists and taught us how to work together. The first step is done. The next step is one that I want from the bottom of my heart:  to write therapeutic guides together.So, Vets on the Balkans, my dream has to be your accomplishment in the years to come.I love you for what you created. Good luck on your wonderful journey!


 Dr Alexandru Diaconescu, DVM, PhD, Senior Lecturer


I think it’s a great idea! All the vets in the Balkans area can learn from each other’s experience, we can share opinions, interesting clinical cases, etc.

I wish you good luck!


Dr Rares Capitan , DVM, resident ECVD

I think is a good interesting idea. I really hope that this project will  continue for a long time and collect many vets as want to share their experience. So the whole community from the Balkans will progress in a good way.


Dr Ana Maria Boncea, DVM, resident ECVD

“Vets on the Balkans” is like a fresh air for all the vet’s from every place…Is an open door for sharing your experience, upgrading your knowledge and enjoy the vet’s life spectaculy. Let’s share together all beautiful insides of our job!


Dr Vladislav Zlatinov – Central Vet Clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria

 It is so great to have such a professional forum, connecting Balkans (and not only) vets! I literally see people from different countries in the region, getting to know each other because of your journal.  The “Vets on The Balkans” deserve all the compliments for your great positive initiative and work!


Dr Stefan Savov- Ditton  Reach Veterinary Surgery, England

 The journal is a really brilliant idea. I read all the articles. I find some really good examples there. It has proved that veterinarians on Balkans are no worse than the colleagues in the western countries. I wish you more and more interesting cases shared on the pages of the journal and lots of luck.



Dr Mila Bobadova ( Veterinary Clinic “ Dobro Hrumvane”  in Sofia, Bulgaria)

 We needed that kind of journal at Balkans, a connection spot and an open source. It brings veterinary medicine to a new level, but most of all it helps all the vets from Balkans to get to know each other. For that I am very thankful and I am sure it will make a difference.


Dr Svetlina Aleksandrova ( Veterinary Clinic “Light Vet” in Sandanski, Bulgaria)

 Vets on the Balkans is great new way for communication and learning. The reality is that we can not know everything for any condition. The learning process continue until the end of our lives. I love the case reports – a lot of photos and good explications. The Learn and Travel initiative will make a lot of collegues better in their prefered section of veterinary medecine. Please, dr Gancheva, continue to do what you do in the best way – connect!


Dr Liliya Mihailova ( Veterinary Clinic “ United Veterinary Clinic “ in Varna, Bulgaria )

 According to me ” Vets on the Balkans “o is one of the greatest way for many veterinarians to communicate and share knowledge and experience. Because is a new and modern way to connect veterinarians not only from countries of Balkan peninsula but also from countries all over the world. Moreover It provides the latest scientific information about news in veterinary medicine and useful personal professional experience.


Dr Spas Spasov  ( Veterinary Clinic “ United Veterinary Clinic “ in Varna, Bulgaria )

 I want to extend my greetings to the great work you do with the magazine. It is very interesting and useful. I wish to become more known. I wish to be ever visited. I think the idea to united vets on the Balkans is realized.



Dr Vanya Stoyanova – Veterinary Clinic Provet in Plovdiv, Bulgaria

 Useful  veterinary journal,creative realized idea.
Like to read the letters ,interesting posts ,new information for me and classified my level where I am on the market with the Balkan colleagues .Receive information for future symposiums,Conferences and Webinars. Thank You  Luba Gancheva & Co
Wish you continue enjoying with your fantastic work!!!


 Dr Dimitar Djambazov Veterinary Clinic Sofia in Sofia, Bulgaria

 Vets on the Balkans is a unique in its respective category as a journal who strives to connect the countries on the Balkans- a highly diverse and interesting set of countries.

The journal provides easy-to-reach and concise practical knowledge as well as the opportunity for interviews, presentations and step-by-step guidelines for management of specific problems.

From where I stand as a practitioner the case reports are by far my favorite method of acquiring new information in the veterinary field. That is of course after one has a strong basic knowledge on a given subject.

And here’s where the next indispensible role of “Vets on the Balkans” becomes evident. The journal not only acts as a mean of learning and developing oneself as a veterinary professional with blog posts but also serves as a connecting point between the countries and veterinarians in the region, as to promote and organize practical sessions, continuing education projects and various externships. This is indispensible help, strongly appreciated by many and luckily gaining more and more popularity among animal caregivers on the Balkans.
The effort invested in the journal by its creator and her collaborators is immense and undoubtedly greatly acknowledged as we all know how hard it can be to sustain such a project, be a practicing veterinarian at the same time and have a life from time to time as well.

As a young and still lacking a certain amount of experience, vet, I appreciate the Vets on the Balkans journal as a source of CPD, but also as a opportunity to reach and connect to our neighbors on the Balkans.



 Dr Emil Ofner – Veterinary Clinic More in Sibenik, Croatia

 Task for every journal is to have a good impact factor on its readers. Vets on the Balkans journal doesn’t do just that, but it also successfully ties up vets from different Balkan countries and others. It is the first of its kind in the Balkans and for sure it will facilitate further development of the veterinary profession. Hopefully it will become a great online tool for improvements of veterinary skills and knowledge.

 Dr Mario Kreszinger – Veterinary Clinic Kreszinger in Zagreb, Croatia

 It very useful easy approachable source of informations we need in everyday Jobs routine.


Dr Nikola Bunevski– Veterinary Clinic Kreszinger in Zagreb, Croatia

 Sharing is caring. Every information is priceless. We are working near each other we have similar problems and questions, it will be better for each of us if we share those questions and problems to one another, we will come to answers faster and painless. Vets on the Balkans can serve that purpose.Thank you for having me.




 Dr Zoran Loncar- Veterinary Clinic Novak in Belgrade, Serbia

 Vets on the Balkan is refreshment and result of people with good energy and wish to improve our region. We live in small countries and if we cooperate together we have better chance to improve ourselves.


Dr Nikoleta Novak- Veterinary Clinic Novak in Belgrade, Serbia

I read the interview you had with our colleague Nikola Bunevski, and I think he said it perfectly; “Sharing is caring. Vets on the Balkans can serve that purpose””Vets on Balkans” is really a great idea and I do wish you all the best on this exciting and high-minded mission.



 Dr Marko Novak- Klinika Loka in the city Škofja Loka in Slovenia

 I came across VTB when I was scrolling down the facebook and I saw these interesting articles from guys doing great job. I think it is one of those starters that help people to become better at what they do.



 Banu Dokuzeylul, DVM, PhD ,Department of Internal Medicine

Faculty of Veterinary Medicine

Istanbul University, Istanbul, Turkey

 I like reading. One day I found myself reading a case from Vets on The Balkans Online Journal. This subject was one of my interesting areas in veterinary medicine. With this article, I couldn’t imagine a good collaboration and friendship start. With Dr. Luba Gancheva’s support, I was invited to seminar in Bucharest. As I see until today, the journal improves day by day. Instead of giving important information, this journal combines the colleagues on the Balkans. If you want to be a part of a great friendship and have a vulnerable data, you must start to read the journal as fast as you can.10334323_1650417485231859_7490271749546982451_n



Digestive Endoscopy and Surgery Center on The Balkans! Such a nice place!


Dr Constantin Ifteme

14292382_1587255881569229_4642655980848598184_nWhen we see something like this on The Balkans, we are so proud. 1st September was the grand opening of the biggest Digestive Endoscopy and Surgery Center on The Balkans. The guest was Dr Fausto Brandao who is emblematic vet in VeterinaryEndoscopy.

The owner and the main vet  is Dr Constantin Ifteme who is 36 years old and it is really impressive, so young and so successful. He creates his own team, full of professional and passionate to veterinary medicine. This clinic and Dr Constantin Ifteme are the evidence that veterinary medicine on The Balkans go straight ahead. They also include in their practice laparoscopic surgery, laser surgery and they have Fluoroscopy machine.14142055_1066264370118006_2189827722538370100_n14141528_1066260393451737_7711639442555236187_n14183920_1066268490117594_1144506886854683956_n14184405_1066259313451845_3993920618069092368_n

Fluoroscopy is an imaging technique that uses X-rays to obtain real-time moving images of the interior of an object. In its primary application of medical imaging, a fluoroscope allows the doctor to see the internal structure and function of a patient, so that the pumping action of the heart or the motion of swallowing, for example, can be watched. This is useful for both diagnosis and therapy and occurs in general radiology, interventional radiology, and image-guided surgery.


The good news is in the center have space for courses and workshops and I am sure most of you will visit this wonderful place and have a nice time with Dr Ifteme and his such a nice team.14232497_1066260993451677_8210426798575691986_n14199686_1066271100117333_3275478967349101097_n


The best news is that Dr Constantin Ifteme will support our Endoscopy section and as well the center is included in our project Learn and Travel with Vets on The Balkans.13895367_1576568542637963_3712823064786795165_n14141623_1583687971926020_2868042467176127778_n


The team of Vets on The Balkans express their gratitude to Dr Ifteme and his beautiful and kind wife for their support of the journal, for the real friendship and hospitability.



LEARN AND TRAVEL with Vets on The Balkans

learn and travelIdea


The project intends to assist and support the veterinarians from The Balkans in their desire to upgrade their knowledge and experience in veterinary medicine. They will visit different clinics which are included in the project. The idea is to go directly into practice, to upgrade their own knowledge and experience, to advance their level of practice and generally the veterinary practice on the Balkans.



  1. Rise the level of veterinary service on The Balkans;
  2. Improve health status of the animals and stop transmitting of some diseases;
  3. Improve the financial status of veterinarians by learning different opportunities of management of veterinary clinic and acquiring new skills;
  4. Better understanding of the meaning of the words “hand by hand we all will be better”;
  5. Create contacts and future collaborations.



Methods to achieve the goals


We have agreements with different clinics and they will be involved to provide good environment for education and practice:


  1. Central Vet Clinic –  Dr Ranko Georgiev-Sofia, Bulgaria
  2. Nova Veterinary Clinic – Dr Maria Savova-Sofia, Bulgaria
  3. Petcode Veterinary Clinic – Dr Ates Barut-Ankara, Turkey
  4. Regatul Animalelor ( Dermatology Clinic -Rares Capitan – DVM resident ECVD )  – Bucharest, Romania
  5. Vet Derm Therapy – Dr Ana Maria Boncea DVM resident ECVD- Bucharest, Romania
  6. Blue Vets – Dr Constantin Ifteme-Bucharest, Romania
  7. Center Endoscopy and Minimally Invasive Surgery Veterinary- Dr Constantin Ifteme-Bucharest, Romania
  8. Clinica Veterinara Lago Maggiore – Dr Lugi Venco and Dr Luca Formaggini – Italy
  9. Veterinary Clinic Kreszinger – Zagreb, Croatia
  10. Veterinary Clinic More – Sibenik , Croatia
  11.  Dierenartsen praktijk – Dr Ann Criel- Kermt –Belgium
  12. Patisev Veterinary Clinic – Dr Gizem Taktak – Istanbul, Turkey


 How can you participate in the project?


The vets can submit their applications (they will receive and fill in a questionnaire).

To receive your questionnaire, send an email to gancheva.vet@gmail.com.


The vets will receive the agreement from us (Vets on The Balkans) and the clinic chosen by the vet to visit. Depending on the interests of the vet we can recommend a clinic where they can achieve their goals.


Financial sources


The financial sources will be from donations (vets, clinics, companies). We will cover accommodation and trip expenses. The companies can pay directly for a vet (their client), elected by them.


All the money, which come as donations for the project will be transparent and public and easy reachable for every vet.

If you would like to support the project, you can do it! Even with a small amount! Because “HAND BY HAND WE ALL WILL BE BETTER”


You can give your support here:





PIRAEUS BANK – City of Ruse, Bulgaria


BG44PIRB 8087 1605 7096 72




Please write that the money transfer is for “Learn and Travel with Vets on The Balkans”




The project gives opportunities for raising your knowledge in Cardiology ( Bulgaria, Italy ), Dermatology ( Romania,  Turkey) , Orthopedic and Neurology ( Turkey, Croatia and Bulgaria), Endoscopy (Turkey, Romania and Croatia), Exotic animals ( Romania), Surgery ( Turkey, Italy, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania), Imaging ( Romania, Turkey and Bulgaria) , different management ( Italy, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy , Belgium), Ophthalmology ( Bulgaria) and all standard practices.


We would like to express our gratitude to all clinicians who are open to share their experience and especially to CSAVS (Croatian Small Animals Section) and TSAVA who gave us FREE TICKET for their annual congresses for the vet who will visit the country with the project!!! This is very kind of them and we appreciate OUR FRIENDS!




Dr Ates Barut

Dr Lea Keszinger

Dr Ann Criel

Dr Constantin Ifteme

Dr Luigi Venco

Dr Luca Formaggini

Dr Rares Capitan

Dr Ranko Georgiev

Dr Ana Maria Boncea

Dr Radu Boncea

Dr Maria Savova

Dr Emil Ofner

Dr Gizem Taktak12745855_10153614352488768_1773045904046497569_n10449520_331653303690149_6301850326184657855_n11081271_887548304621403_4674371800362832817_n24246_103549239687374_288378_n10632803_386951221474358_809805735081418787_n13876274_1572033829758101_6531483327220244503_n12985514_476693252530917_7663830711320340997_n 1606385_529954783784550_836186800_o11046515_911180198937089_2761924638059587412_n12079558_903035003067421_4071890671212270246_n






We express our gratitude to our partners Bayer Romaina and Pamas Trading who makes our existence possible.

If you have questions and ideas how to raise our project or something else, please be free to get contact in gancheva.vet@gmail.com!






“Sharing is Caring” . How we exchange experience on The Balkans?


Romania and Turkey!

One of the goals of the journal Vets on The Balkans is vets from that region to know each other and to find easier and cheaper way to upgrade their knowledge , experience and skills. We have so much good vets at our region and is easier to go from Bulgaria to Turkey, or from Romania to Serbia and learn what you are interested in.13020132_10153846384832935_145849298_n

We are more than happy that is already reality. Dr Onur Catar from Pet Code Veterinary Clinic in Ankara, Turkey visited Dermatology clinic of Dr Rares Capitan , resident ECVD.12992870_10153846383907935_796095468_n

Dr. Capitan graduated in 2006 from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine Bucharest (University of Agronomic Sciences and Veterinary Medicine of Bucharest).13022364_10153846386352935_862538900_n
He is member of ESVD – European Society of Veterinary Dermatology

Dr. Capitan is passionate about all areas related to veterinary dermatology. His hope is that, in Eastern Europe, veterinary dermatology services be elevated to international standards.
In recent years Dr. Capitan has attended and graduated multiple intensive courses, seminars, and workshops, facilitated by famous dermatologists veterinarians in Europe and the United States, including:
ESAVS (European School for Advanced Veterinary Studies) – Vienna
International clerkship at Ohio State University – Dermatology and Otology

Recently he was accepted and has been participating in a veterinary dermatology residency under the guidance of Dr. Chiara NOLI DVM Diplomate of the European College of Veterinary dermatology.


Dr Rares Capitan in Bulgaria!

He was as well guest as a consultant in 2 veterinary clinics in Sofia, Bulgaria!

When Dr onur Catar came back home in his daily job, he starts using his knowledge from Dr Rares Capitan.

This is the most important thing in our life, not only professional. “Hand by Hand” we all will be better!


Thank you guys for all! You are Vets on The Balkans!


Sharing is Caring ?


Dr Ates Barut with 3 beautiful romanian vets in Petcode Veterinary Clinic

What means the words “work ethic “?
I am sure, everyone has different answer. It depends, first you are employee or manager or owner of veterinary clinic.
If you are employee, for sure, you think about your relationship with your colleagues in the clinic, where you are working. May be you have “problems” with some of them. But it is so normal. Veterinarians on the Balkans, and not only, work a lot of hours. When we spend a lot of time with someone is so normal to have different points of view, because we are different people and we cannot be the same.
If you are manager or owner of veterinary clinic, you think about you colleagues, who are owners as well and they are your “competition”. It is again the same situation- “different people, different concepts”.
Veterinarians are more passionate, more ambitious, more powerful part of the humanity. Sometimes they are so purposeful in this, to be the most professional, to be the best. And we all forget that we all are at first people. We all have our own battles, our own fears, emotions problems, which are outside veterinary world. So, we all go to work every day with our “luggage”.12794640_1670287506578190_2957541388445004614_n1936380_1670287533244854_3334487040095222071_n
If we try to see with “the eyes” of the other, if we help and support each other , we all will live in better veterinary world.


Dr Robert Carst with the brilliant team of Blue Cross Veterinary Clinic

We are really proud and happy to announce that it happens on the Balkans. Dr Anca Cucos, Dr Bianca Bofan and Dr Gina Girdan, all of them PhD students in Veterinary Faculty in Bucharest, Romania, they are doing their internship at PetCode Veterinary Clinic in Ankara, Turkey. We would like to express our gratitude to the owner and main veterinarian Dr Ates Barut for the hospitability and for his “sharing” of knowledge and experience. Other veterinarian from Bucharest, Romania , Dr Robert Carst from Speedvet Veterinary Clinic starts his internship of Orthopaedy in Blue Cross Veterinary Clinic in Sofia, Bulgaria. We would like to express our gratitude to the owner Dr Borislav Georgiev and the whole brilliant team for everything!
You guys show us what means the words “SHARING IS CARING”
Lets be better people!

2nd Edition of Emergency and Critical Care Congress 16-19th March , 2016 in Bucharest , Romania ! Meeting with the president of the romanian emergency association Dr Adrian Iurcenco!

What and who are RoVECCS?


Dr Adrian Iurcenco , president of RoVECCS

Roveccs started with the idea that united we ca do more for our field of interes, veterinary emergencies and intesive care. Only working toghether a community can have progress. Eastern Europe has so much to recuperate in relearning about this concept, putting our differences aside and be united by our common needs and goals. Most of us will be colleagues for life.11026102_1550419758557761_3297873491495676768_o

The goals of the association?


1st congress of RoVECCS

For a balkan vet it is so much more difficult to keep up with what’s new. Trips to other parts of Europe are quite expensive for us and not too many are in english. So we decided to create our own local congreses and courses (cheaper) with internarional11009850_10153119568237417_3891522322505065948_n lecturers and also promote “local” specialists that are unknown to their vet community.

3. Future plans?

Continue our annual congress 10295408_1547925162140554_352863685833066334_oat the highest level possible and (hopefully this year) start a series of multiple day seminars for small groups of 30 to 50 vets, that can give a deeper insight into emergency medicine and not only.

4. Who is Adrian Iurcenco?


Dr Adrian Iurcenco


Dr Adrian Iurcenco

That is almost philosophical and what I have been asking myself for a while .
I grew up in communist Bucharest, waiting in line for food and ice cream and barefoot in the hills and woods of Romanian countryside; later, in the refugee campus and schools of Holland. Finished my vet studies back in Bucharest and some more advanced vet studies arround Europe.
Now I own an emergency veterinary clinic with an ambulance service (Speedvet), two akitas with which I hike the Romanian mountains sometimes and (in my free time) I preside Roveccs.

5. What do you think about the level of veterinary medicine on the Balkans?

I think that the level in rural parts of the countries is much lower than in the cities, compared to the rest of Europe and that needs to be changed. I also think that Eastern vets are doing much more efforts to be competitive than their Western colleagues and even though we are still far behind, the progress is faster than what they had so far.
The key is to keep going to scientific events and be passionate about their preffered subjects. Passion is what we have plenty of, just needs to be smartly directed in veterinary science .
Go to congreses and seminars and apply the science in your daily practices!

6. What do you think about Vets on the Balkans?

Plenty of space to grow, great future if you keep up the good work. You unite our need for a healty veterinary community, where we can be confortable among colleagues, learn new things and know what else is going on in our “neighbourhood”

Dr Valentin Nicolae….The most special person on The Balkans!


Dr Valentin Nicolae

Who is Dr Valentin Nicolae? Let’s people say this:

1.Dr Wolfgang Dohne

Vice president of FECAVA
Owner of  Virginia Water Veterinary Clinic


He has been at his association’s FECAVA director for many years and I always found him very pleasant and approachable.

With his help the Romanian association has progressed a lot over the last 10 years and his association is now running a very successful annual congress.

Valentin very much enjoys the social side of FECAVA and is a surprisingly good dancer.


Senior President of AMVAC

Both he and Robert Popa are outstanding representatives of their association.

2.Dr Robert Popa

Vice president of AMVAC/RoSAVA

Owner of O&R veterinary clinic



Dear Valentin! You are that kind of persons who never gives up. You had a dream to make a a decent veterinary association in Romania and you did it. You were the first, you were the leader, sometimes the dictator but you never ever avoid to take responsibilities. No mater that it was a good thing, when it is easy, or a bad thing, when is the moment of truth of for real leaders. It will always be a pleasure to shake your hand, have nice talk in a beautiful environment, near a good glass of wine. Thank you my friend and keep going!

3. Dr Tache Epure

The president of Romanian Feline Medicine Society



Valentin I’ve known for many years, before AMVAC site to represent something veterinary medicine in our country. Charismatic personality made him noticed which I had meetings at various congresses, conferences or Work-shops related to pets, but also the great value professional after … which is currently on a human quality is excellent but a young spirit, always searching for new. Generous with colleagues and friends but especially young doctors who always showed them everything he knows, and many of them now being competitors, doctor Nicholas stands today as a true thought leader, always consistent, punctual and good organizer.

3.Dr Sinziana Radulescu

The President of Hemopet Blood Bank

There are some people that you meet and then your whole world changes forever. I think this is actually a popular subject for essays in English tests: write an essay about a person that changed your life! Although this is not an English test, it still feels like that’s what I’m doing here.

I remember being so young and naïve with no clue on how a carrier in veterinary medicine should look like. I was so proud of being part of the biggest veterinary event in the country: AMVAC/RoSAVA International Congress. I will never forget Dr. Nicolae Valentin’s words: “It takes a lot of passion and a fair amount of craziness to make this possible.” I understood right then, whatever it is that you do, it takes passion and a fair amount of craziness if you want to do great things.

“See, all of this here is possible thanks to you!” he used to tell us, a bunch of 2nd year vet students who knew nothing about life. I did not completely understand then, but I understand now the power of leadership. If small animal veterinary medicine in Romania had only one leader – Dr. Nicolae Valentin would be the one. He can bring people together to share his passion and craziness until perfection is achieved. He would ask for your help and you would feel grateful he did. He would give others credit while he would stay humble and smile.

On top of all this, Dr. Nicolae Valentin is one of the first vets to go abroad and bring the world back to Romania through his small animal clinic in Ploiesti. “My prices are not low, I have to admit. If clients are not able to afford them I will gently recommend them to go to my competition, where they would still get good service. But our prices are the product of all the things we have learned and all of the investments we’ve made to keep our medical services at this standard. And this is something I care too much about.” What a valuable business lesson, don’t you think?



I feel the luckiest person in the world to have met him and worked with him to achieve a common purpose: make the veterinary world in Romania a better place. His influence will always guide my actions: Think big. Be passionate. Be crazy. Stay humble. Work hard. Do the impossible! 

5.Svetlina Aleksandrova, DVM, Member of ESVD

     Owner of Lightvet Veterinary Clinic

We met a couple of years ago in Budapest and my first impression of him as a positive, kind and very dynamic person stays the same for years. Now I can add that he is a real treasure as a friend, as a vet and as a part of our society!12189380_428904733970157_5303852493900633428_o

6.Dr Rares Capitan DVM, resident ECVD

Owner of Veterinary Clinic Regatul Animalelor

Dr. Nicolae is more then a role model, he is full of inspiration. I have known him since I was in 9th grade in high school and the experience I gained in his clinic has followed me throughout my career. I believe that most of the successful vets in his town and more have worked in his clinic for a period of time, either during their university years or at the beginning of their career. Most important to me was his strong nice character, good heart, high professionalism, charisma, and his interaction with people.

7.Dr Daniela Enache,DVM,M.Sc.,PhDS

member of the team Vets on The Balkans

Few years ago, a new world was opened to all Romanian veterinarians with the contribution of an optimistic, proactive veterinarian and his team. Being a professional and loving his job, Dr. Valentin Nicolae, dedicated with enthusiasm his time to big and interesting projects from which AMVAC is one of them, but as well he started also a successul activity in his own clinic. By organizing several veterinary events for the vets from everywhere, dr Valentin Nicolae showed to all that continuing education is an useful and important part of our job, who complete the clinical activity. For me, dr Valentin Nicolae is an extraordinary example: a wonderful veterinarian with successful career, a trusted friend who helps you unconditionally and who will never disappoint you, finding solutions for any situation

I’m very happy to be part of the world that he created! Thank you for all!!!12322532_1640029786270629_4467346060229231885_o

8.Dr Luba Gancheva, DVM, M. Sc. Infection diseases, PhDS

The main editor of Vets on The Balkans

Dr Valentin Nicolae…. hm…He changed my life! He was the person who invited me first time in Romania and now I am living in this country! Who is he? All the words will be not enough to describe his personality! He is real leader, the best organizer, wonderful vet , but when you look at his eyes the you can understand who is Valentin. So much goodness in one soul ! THANK YOU that I met you and I can be a part of your professional road and not only!

9. Dr Gizem Taktak

TSAVA director for FECAVA and WSAVA

Owner of  Ataşehir PatiSev Veteriner Kliniği

When I first saw him with a pleasent smile and thought about what I will going to talk in long way trip. And on our way I saw very polite and open person if he can not speak fluent english. I am very happy to meet him and find my father in Romania. 1397077_761534410585943_5276769957689416636_o


12346841_10208357516479226_277332268_nVet TommyDVM Goran Tomišić1, DVM Olgica Derota1, DVM Davor Ninković2
Veterinary clinic Tommy1, Veterinary clinic Radionica2, Belgrade, Serbia


On the basis of long term use of continuous infusion of fentanylindifferent orthopedic procedures (pelvic, front and hind leg fractures, cruciate ligamentrepair and spinal surgery), we wanted toexplore the effects ofremifentanil, considering that they belong to the same group of opioid analgesics. Moreover,remifentanil is not widely used as fentanil in small veterinary practice. All surgical interventions were performed underisoflurane general anesthesiaandpremedication with medetomidine (intwenty six cases) and acepromazine (in sixteen cases). All patients were in good general condition (28 dogs and 14cats), age of six months toten years with no history of other diseases. Analgesic effect of remifentanil was extremely powerful and has directly decreased isoflurane MAC. Based on ourresultswe can concludethatremifentanilis powerfulanalgesicwith very short duration.

Based on the extended use of continuous infusion with the syringe pump of fentanyl (CRI) in different orthopedic procedures, the effects of clinical efficacy ofremifentanilas analgesic for these procedures which are very demanding in terms of analgesia. Surprisingly, given that they belong to the same group of the opioid analgesics, we have expected to obtain similar results to the effect of analgesia, side effects and speed of recovery from anesthesia. In fact, the continuous application in adminstering the drug has created remarkable savings in the reduction of the quantities used, as opposed to either timed dosage of remifentanil or the classic or CRI fentanyl application.

Materials and Methods

During surgery wewere not able to use artificial ventilation under general anesthesia. Each patient has received premedication with atropine at a dose of 0.02-0.05 mg/kg with the aim of prevention of bradycardia.Furthermore, the premedicationdrugs used, weremedetomidine at a dose of 10mcg/kg (0.01 ml/kg) for dogs and 50 mcg/kg (0.05 ml/kg)for cats and acepromazinefor both dogs and cats, at a dose of 0,06 mg/kg. Propofol was used for induction in a range from 1 to 4 mg/kg.After intubation was administered, continuous infusion of remifentanil which was followed by a significant decrease in the percentage of the isoflurane anesthetic in the range of
0.5% to 1,5 %.The dose of CRIremifentanil was in a range from0.4 to 0.1 mcg /kg /min, which is comparable to the recommended dose of fentanyl is 0.2 mcg /kg /min.During anesthesia monitoring analgesia was continuously matched to the frequency of heart rate, frequency and volume of respiration, arterialblood pressure and oxygenation of tissues(4).Forty two different orthopedic operations were carried out under this anesthetic protocol without visibleproblems on monitored parameters.


12363956_10208357516239220_1054842213_oThe tables(Table 1. and Table 2.) show the varying concentration of Isoflurane in CRI administered remifentanil vs fentanyl.
In 28 dogs, the remifentanil dosage from 0.1 to 0.4mcg/kg/min (M=2.357, SD=1.062). Average concentration of Isofluranebeing 1.036% (M=1.036, SD=.470).
In 18 cats, at the same dosage level of remifentanil gave 0.92% of isoflurane (M=.920, SD=.275).
In comparison with our previous experiences with fentanyl (dosage being 0.2 mcg/kg/min, M=2.000, SD=.000), that was averaging 1.4% isoflurane in 30 dogs (M=1.400, SD=.000) to 1.2% isoflurane in 16 cats (M=1.200, SD=.000), the usage of remifentanil gives 0.37% (t=-4.248, df=56, py0.01) lower consumption of isoflurane in dogs and 0.28% (t=-4.067, df=29, p<0.01) in cat.

12356300_10208357562600379_671735595_oThe effect of analgesia was markedly potent, having direct impact on the decrease ofisoflurane in 60 % of MAC|(1). Recovery is easy and tree times as fast than if we had used fentanyl. The length of the surgical procedure did not affect the stability of the patient. When we used remifentanil CRI with propofol for induction of anesthesia, nausea and vomiting were nearly non-existent. In addition to the low frequency heart rate,there were no significant hemodynamic changes in the circulation. In some (11 dogs) patients, mild defecation was observed.