ivisaImpressive! These people are our ” future”. They are so young with strong passion and willing to grow and improve their knowledge. Vets on The Balkans will start campain to support their programs and to open new opportunity for them. We ask all our partner to support our new cooperation, because they are our future and they will make the life of our kids better.



Dragoș-Teodor Zamanpr

Senior Vice-President

Cristian Ionică


-Non-profit organisation;

-Led by volunteer veterinary students around the world;

-Founded in 1951

– Our mission: “to benefit the animals and people of the world”

60 countries and 2 super-’national organizationsaaaaaa


™Group exchanges;

™Individual exchanges (2-6 weeks)

™The annual congress (in summer)

™Symposium (in winter)

™Other local events

IVSA in Romania

IVSA Cluj – Napoca (2008)

IVSA Timișoara (2010)

IVSA Iași (1991)


IVSA București (2016)wsava students




Student Association in Veterinary Medicine from Timisoara, Romania…… BRAVO ROMANIA!!!!

ASMVT stands for the Student Association in Veterinary Medicine from Timisoara, Romania.

We are a little nonprofit organization founded in 2008, our members are students from the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and our goals are to provide a fun way to connect to our community, our faculty members, our student colleagues and of course, a way to learn more for our craft  of saving animals.

We also have a chapter in IVSA, the International Veterinary Student Association, so we have a wide opening to the world of Veterinary Medicine.

ASMVT is having a number of events that are basically the core of our student experience:



Annual Science Competition

Annual Science Competition

We invite our colleagues to make groups of 4 and compete with each other, in a quizz-like competition and win a lot of great awards, like an otoscope, stethoscope, thermometer, or a basic surgical kit, a lot of things that a future veterinarian would need in his practice.




We organize workshops with different topics with the help of our teachers and we volunteer for workshops organized by RoSAVA and other veterinarians from the city.



Spay/ Neuter campaign

Spay/ Neuter campaign

We want to help our community by reducing the population of stray dogs by acting accordingly and learning in the process. We’ve been helped by some of our teachers and veterinarians from Timisoara.



Student exchanges with IVSA

Student exchanges with IVSA

We have annual student exchanges with other IVSA chapters. The exchange means that a group of students from our chapter goes to visite another country and another Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, for one week and assimilates the whole experience: going to classes, learning, living and partying like a local student. After this, the chapter that hosted the first part of the exchange, comes to visite us, being our guests. This is the way that lifelong acquaintance and friendships are being made.


Student symposium

Student symposium


Every year we organise a symposium for our students to present their scientific works, consisting in reports or case studies in different subjects.

Pet adoption fair


Pet adoption fair

We are collaborating with several shelters for stray dogs and volunteers who foster abandoned dogs and cats, so that we can organize a fair for the families to come and adopt the perfect pet for their home. These are a few from the lucky ones!









Every year, we look forward to have more students signed up for the “ ASMVT experience” and we are challenging ourselves to have new exciting activities, beside our already well known annual ones.

For more information, contact us :


THANK YOU ASMVT….. for being here!!! We are proud of you ( The team of Vets on The Balkans ) !