Dr Cristian Marinescu- a man, a vet who try to change the management of veterinary clinic in Romania and not only

1. Who is Cristian Marinescu?61760359_2342641659342768_1709544142272462848_n
I am first of all a Vet, a member of this beautyfull community of veterinarians. I graduated Vet school in Bucharest in 2006 and in 2015 the Law school at Romanian-American University. All my carrier I was around sales, communication and people.  I have a passion for everything related to business and people management. And not in the end, I am a father and a husband :-).
2. Why you create VBA?61854886_681095332316340_3293742889531604992_n
I start to travel from one vet clinic to another since 2012 and I saw that everybody was talking or compleining about issues related to management and miscommunication. Take in consideration my experience I knew that together we can create a community and a network of people interested in this topic.  A lot of vet colleagues encourage me to start this project and give support for this. I could say that VBA is a project of veterinary community in Romania. I would like to mention the big support from dr. Nicolae Valentin and especially from Adrian Radulescu.
3.Why veterinarians nowaday need anoher kind of education as business management?31388060_444428835982992_1750491995400306688_n
Simply because in our activity 50% is medical knowledge and 50% is something else related to communication , people interactions and management. The Vet school prepare us how the deal with diseases, not with people or how to communicate between us or with pet owners or farms. Noone mentions nothing about business knowledge, and a big % of people after graduate,when they will start their own business. So….the NEED is clear.
4.What are your goals for the future?24991084_388955414863668_2847536289487733838_n
First, to make our community to understand that they need also to educated themselves in directions like : communication, people interactions, marketing and finance. This will not only help only their professional goals but will also impact their personal wellbeing. I know this because I experienced it and I know that vetlife is nice easy one. Especially for work&personal life balance.
Second, I would like VBA to become a relevant provider of help and knowhow in this area.
And in the nearest future, we will try also to provide individual support at vet clinic level. We start a pilot project with couple of clinics in Romania and I hope soon we will be able to extend the community.
5.How people from abroad can attend your events?61247103_681094738983066_1360617984078381056_n
Invite us in their country to see if  we have what to say or give , it will help them or not. I promise it will.
6.What is your oppinion about Vets on The Blakans?36041277_1690969690950908_4742900533495332864_n
I think is a great ideea that need support. I work also in some projects at european level. And I know that vets from the Balkans have a lot of similarities and we can find projects that can be run in our region ,that will increase the know how and the image of vets from our region all over the world.
So, keep up the good work. You also inspire us to start vetbusinessacademy.11986326_880349785387384_9043704249649535138_n

Vet Business Academy, an amazing association, open to give us the knowledge and help us to make our life better

24909813_388955481530328_7583228791966007145_nWe are really happy that more and more veterinarians are aware of the needing, to improve our knowledge in a field that is really far of our medical way of thinking, because if we are aware or not, we are managers of our own business. So, we should be open and to start learning how to improve this field.


And we are lucky because we have the sources and the people who can teach us.

One of these opportunities is Vet Business Academy, an amazing association, open to give us the knowledge and help us to make our life better.


Dr Cristian Marinescu-the president of Vet Business Academy


  1. What is our desire?


  • Create a vet business community and provide access to business education.
  • Provide knowledge and increase vets’ competencies in areas like:
    • People management, Communication, Marketing-merchandising, Financial knowledge.


  • Improve vet the efficiency of vet clinics by providing better services to clients and improving internal processes.



  • Training and workshops to improve vet competencies in business areas.


  • Vet consultancy in the business field.

vba 1 vba 2

Why us and why now?


  • Practical experience in vet clinic management


  • Experience in vet industry , local and international.


  • Experience in fields like: marketing, communication, planning, business administration and people management.


  • Good relationship with KOLs, Universities and local authorities.


  • Knowledge of vet legislation and experience in the prediction of future vet business trends.


  • Coaching, Leadership, Critical thinking.

 vba 3


  • Become more than a Vet clinic
    • Provide a consultative relationship model
    • Build effective TEAM
    • Become preferred Vet Clinic for Vets & Pet-Owner’s
    • Differentiate in a crowded market


In 2018 the association has organized plenty of events in Romania.

  • Workshops : Communication , People Management, Merchandising , Financial intelligence
  • Class – “Mastering Public Speaking”
  • Management presentations on AMVAC Congress –Dr.Lowell Ackerman
  • Provide the management string in different vet events

vba 4


If we realize or not, we are part of the economically world, we sale service and together with our love to the animals and our professional, we are responsible about our employers, for their financial comfort and work environment. So, it is time to start learning to be good in this as well