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40197111_10217842609966238_7916732896809844736_nDr Luba Gancheva, DVM, M. Sc. Infection diseases


I am Dr Luba Gancheva and in 2015 I created online veterinary journal “Vets on The Balkans “ – www.balkanvets.com. The journal has different sections as News, Meetings, Clinics, Faculties , but the main point is “Clinical Cases” , where veterinarians from the region ( Bulgaria, Macedonia, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia) share their experience and knowledge. Because I got many cases, I have already separated different sections as “ Imaging”. “ Cardiology” , “ Dermatology”, “Endoscopy”, “ Orthopedic and Neurology”. For one year the journal has 10 000 visitors and 16 000 sessions. I present more than 150 cases in a high professional level.
In 2017 I I was chosen by WSAVA Executive board for “WSAVA Next Generation Award”.
The journal is media partner with many associations :
WSAVA (World Small Animal Association)
SCIVAC(Italian Small Animal Association)
SAVAB (Small Animal Vet Association of Belgium)
ESADA (European Association of Dirofilariosis and Angiostrongylosis)
SLVD (South American Veterinary Dermatology Society)
CSAVS (Croatian Small Animal Veterinary Section)
TSAVA (Turkish Small Animal Veterinary Association)
AMVAC ( Romanian Small Animal Association)
VVC (Veterinary Forum and society in Bulgaria)
EERVC ( East European Regional Veterinary Conference)
VOG ( Veterinary Orthopedic and Neurology Group)
SRMF ( Romanian Society of Feline Medicine)
SRDV ( Society of Romanian Veterinary Dermatology)
BAVD ( Bulgarian Association of Veterinary Dermatology)
BAVC ( Bulgarian Association of Veterinary Cardiology)
RSVS ( Romanian Society of Veterinary Cardiology)
BAVOT( Bulgarian Association of Veterinary Orthopedic and Traumatology)
АSАЕЕ ( Association of Small Animal Endoscopy and Endosurgery)
ARDIV ( Romanian Veterinary Association of Imaging)
I work in a good cooperation with all of them and they give me free tickets, and authors of the best cases are able to attend them free.
The idea of the journal is veterinarians of the region to know each other, to share their experience and knowledge, to cooperate and work together. Because I am deeply convinced that hand by hands we all will be better. The motto of the journal is “Sharing is Caring”.
I have been assigned ambassador for 4th Latin American Congress of Veterinary Dermatology, spreading information on the Balkans .
One year ago, I start a new project named “Learn and Travel with Vets on The Balkans”. For one year, 14 veterinarians from the region have attended the program.
The project intends to assist and support the veterinarians from The Balkans in their desire to upgrade their knowledge and experience in veterinary medicine. They  visit different clinics which are included in the project. The idea is to go directly into practice, to upgrade their own knowledge and experience, to advance their level of practice and generally the veterinary practice on the Balkans.
Rise the level of veterinary service on The Balkans;
  1. Improve health status of the animals and stop transmitting of some diseases;
  2. Improve the financial status of veterinarians by learning different opportunities of management of veterinary clinic and acquiring new skills;
  3. Better understanding of the meaning of the words “hand by hand we all will be better”;
  4. Create contacts and future collaborations.