Veterinary clinic Blue Cross,Sofia ,Bulgaria

Veterinary clinic “Blue cross” is a 24 hour Small Animal Hospital working without a day off. It is one of the biggest and modernly equipped veterinary clinics in Bulgaria. They use the most up to date equipment available for emergency care, surgery and laboratory activity. On area of more than 400 square m.,are disposed: waiting room and reception, two consulting rooms, laboratory, x-ray and ultrasound department, surgery room, intensive care unit.

The clinic has highly qualified team who follow and visit during the whole years courses, seminars and congresses all over the world, in order to be up to date in the newest in veterinary medicine.

Part of the team:

Dr.Borislav Georgiev

is born on 10.2.1976 in Sofia. He graduated in University of Foresty, Sofia, Bulgaria.

Specialist in Hip Dysplasia (CHP) and is a member of GRSK (Geraman association of radiologists for hereditary diseases of small animal skeleton). In 2010 he recieved a diploma as an expert in elbow dysplasia. Dr.Georgiev and his team are the first in Bulgaria who made a total hip replacement in dog.


Dr. Rosen Cokev

Dr.Cokev is born 27.11.1984 in Sevlievo. He graduated University of Foresty.

Professional interests: cardiology and echocardiolography, internal medicine.

In 2010 he finished course of clinical echocardiography held by one of the leading experts in the world.


Dr.Miroslav Todorov

is born 02.12.1985 in Dobrich.

2013-Europian School for Advanced Veterinary Studies-neurology course 1

2014-Europian School for Advanced Veterinary Studies-neurology course 2

2014-EVSN/ECVN course-Veterinary Neuroscience and Advanced Clinical Neurology/Neurosurgery Course


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Luba Gancheva