If you are ucranian vet you can be supported by vets from whole Europe!

Please check here: https://vetsforukraine.com/?fbclid=IwAR1xVUFbh_0AR9c548ZbJwgWUFlkNtY-PanSj3BoqOxKLsJ1qq0J_uOw2tA

First list:

Here we are with the opportunities for Ukrainian vets
1. Hemodiavet and Dr Vitalaru Bogdan Alexandru-6 persons, Bucharest, Romania
2. Alessia Matia-2 persons,Milan, Italy
3. Linda Werme-1 person, Sweden, lwerme88@gmail.com
4. Larisa Fedotova- 2 persons ,Darlington,UK
5. Natalie Franiek-Krijt-1-2 persons, Austria , vet-vertretung@gmx.at
6. Federica Fogli -1 person, UK , fefy25@gmail.com
7. Aleksandra Pikarevska- 2 persons, Brighton,UK, apikarevska@gmail.com
8. Calorina Delabre- vet family and work for them, North France
9. Elisabeth Buchinger -2-6 persons, Lower Austria
10. Karena Bonte- a family, Belgium 003292537063
11. Julieta Pedernera-1 person, Frankfurt,Germany
12. Lisa Beffort -live in Germany next to Limburg 65558. We can help organizing train tickets.Phone 0049 176 96 15 46 24
13. Diana Lehner-2 persons, South Germany, about an hour south of Stuttgart
WhatsApp is the best way +436509800071
14. Nadia Kostadinova- a family and job for them in the clinic. Plovdiv,Bulgaria, +359887775165
15. Elisabeth Muller-4 persons , +491714265645 for contact
16. Cristian Cristea-4-6 persons, Bucharest, Romania +40723683806 whatsapp or sms and will call you back.
17. Bojana Mircheva- a family, Gorna Oryahovitsa, Bulgaria, also a job for them , +359885468665
Boryana Vankova- a family and work for veterinarian. Troyan, Bulgaria,email boby_van@abv.bg
Phone +359888578783
18. Mila Bobadova- a family, and work for vets,Sofia, Bulgaria , +359888359102
19. Karen Welkenhuyesen- 1 person with kids, Belgium (Diepenbeek)
20. Dr. Michael Greshake-3 persons, Grevener Damm 184, 48282 Emsdetten,
21. Dany Holmes- help in Ireland , holmes veterinary@gmail.com
22. Ann Criel –help in Belgium ann.criel@gmail.com
23. Veerle Guffens- 3 persons, Hoogstaten,Belgium –veerle.guffens@telenet.be
24. Sofia Matias 2 persons , Walton,Uk, sofia.matias@gmail.com
25. Kristein Henckaerts-1 person, Hasselt,Belgium, kristeinhenckaerts@hotmail.com
Second list:
1. Charlotte McGivney
We have a single bedroom available near Newcastle in the UK. Lottieherdan@gmail.com
2. Regina Sassenrath
We are a small animal practice in Ober Olm 12km from Mainz, close to Frankfurt. We can offer a job as vetetinarian and help with accommodation. Please contact us.
Kontakt@tierarztpraxis-ober-olm.de or use messenger.
3.Petra Geisser
Hello from Bavaria,
We could accommodate 1-2 persons. Children and pets are also welcome. Please contact me by Messenger or Mail
4. Ana Cardoso
Hello from Portugal, I can acomodate how much will be needed in one room, and arrange a way for pets if needed, and can help with a job. Please send email for cvet.anaeosbichos@gmail.com
5. Laura Thirtle Mills
Family home in Cornwall, UK, two spare bedrooms available for small family. Please message if we can help.
6. Emma Morris
copthorne vets in the uk, shrewsbury can host a vet and their family and employ one vet www.shrewsburyvets.com do get in touch
7. Annie Koldeweij
Annie et Ben Koldeweij, center of France 58, can host a family of four, lend a vehicle and eventually employ one vet . acaskol@hotmail.com for more details
8. Naas Anastasia
We are small animal practice Dyreklinikk Mo AS in Nittedal 25km from Oslo, Norway. We can hire 1 Ukrainian small/equine veterinarian as veterinary assistant and help with local accommodation in our beautiful area:) help with every tasks to introduce our new colleague to Norwegian life and regulation system. http://www.modyreklinikk.no/ . We will assist with language course as well. Please, contact us post@modyreklinikk.no
9. Maria Ledunger Thulin
Hello from Stockholm Sweden
We can offer a position at our clinics Sollentuna Djurklinik and Vallentuna Djurklinik. For 2-3 ukrainian vets and nurses. Housing can also be solved for up to three adults with 1-2 children, also pets.
10. Bambi Be
Hy I am from Vienna, we can host one person with a child, pm me for details please!
11. Patrick Govart
I can offer accomodaton for up to 2 persons(couple) with young kids and pet in a studio. We are in paris suburb. Contact us via messenger.
12. Riëtte Kok
Assen, the Netherlands, AniCura Dierenkliniek Assen, can host 1 family. We are a small animal practise (mostly cats and dogs).
13. Emily Thomas
Hello from Cambridgeshire in the UK. I am so very sorry that our government is being unhelpful with visas. Please know that many people here are lobbying them to change this. But if you can get to the UK, I can host 1-2 people +/- a child. ek_thomas@hotmail.com
14. Nathalie Axelsson
Hi, from Sweden (southern part, close to malmö)
We can host 1-2 (+/- a Child) people and pets are welcome.
15. Holger Volk
If you are small animal vet or a scientist, we at the vet school in Hannover want to help. Need a place to work in a small animal clinic and potentially live close by, please write an email to Kleintierklinik@tiho-hannover.de. On a personal note, we can host at our own home one Ukrainian vet +/- partner +/- kid +/- dog.
16. Zsolt Szeghő
We are a small equine clinic at northeast Hungary, about 200 km from the ukrainian border. We can offer accomodation and hosting for a vet or a vet student evacuated from Ukraine. We can speak hungarian, english, slovak and romanian language.
Contact email: logyogyasz@logyogyasz.hu
17. Susanna Käppeli
Hello from Interlaken, Switzerland! we can host 1 person (vet or vet student) in a shared Apartement and help in our small animal clinic. please contact me per messenger or +41 33 822 21 41. we help if possible with the travel. info@tierklinik-interlaken.ch
18. Amélie Desvars
Hi from Austria, we have a room for 1 person with 1 kid. Cats welcome. amel.desvars@gmail.com
19. Flamme Martine
Hi, in Belgium (Chimay), we have a place for 2 adults and a young kid, and of course animals.
20. Caro Stolpe
C.Stolpe, Hessen, Germany.
4-6 people, dogs and cats welcome
Contact by FB-Messenger
21. Christiana Ober
We would be happy to have a family (and pets) or anyone in need. Wiltshire, UK christianaober@gmail.com. Please feel free to get in touch
22. Svein Henriksen
Hello from south west Sweden., We can host one family and pets in apartment on our small farm. We also need help in our small animal clinic. Please contact me boigetinge@gmail.com
23. Berit Blomstrand
Hi, I can house 1-2 families in need, animals welcome (Mid-Norway). beritblomstrand@gmail.com, +4797535891
24. Veterinary practice Kay offers accommodation and a job for Ukrainian veterinarians. We are a family business and treat small animals and horses. The practice is located between Stuttgart and Munich. Gladly WhatsApp +49 151 22672554
25.Eleonora Piseddu
Hi, I am italian vet located in Bergamo. I got two rooms (one double and one single) available for Ukraine colleagues and their animals. My email is eleonora-piseddu@idexx.com. Best regards, Eleonora
26.Stephanie Sanderson
We would be happy to host a 3 people ( 1-2 adults +1-2 kids) in north west UK (near liverpool).
27.Ledewij Wiersma
Hi there, Great initiative to host Ukranian vets! My husband and I, our 3 year old, our soon to be born second son and our 6 animals have an independent house that can host up to 4 people comfortably, more if needed. We live in the countryside north of Rome. Children and animals welcome. No veterinary jobs but always enough to do around the property (compensated). I prefer not to share
my phone number and email address directly on the facebook site but for your records: lidewij_w@hotmail.com 00393899481311
languages: english, french, italian, spanish, dutch and a little german
28. It is an independent studio, for a couple with a young child, and dogs or cats.
You can reach Martine Flamme with the e-mail in copy of this email: mflamme01@gmail.com.
Hope this will help.
We stand with you.
Martine Martin

Luba Gancheva