WSAVA Offers Neurology CE to Balkan Member Associations

logo-white-backgroundArtboard-1The World Small Animal Veterinary Association (WSAVA) is offering a series of one-day seminars on neurology to its member associations in the Balkan countries.


The sessions will be led by Dr Thomas Flegel, Head of Neurology and Neurosurgery at the Department for Small Animals, Leipzig University, Germany. He will show delegates how to use a neurological examination to determine a problem and the most likely causes. He will then use interactive case-based workups of common neurological presentations to discuss how to approach dogs suffering from seizures or the most common spinal diseases, as well as those with peripheral neuropathies.  The sessions will take place as follows:


5 March Banja Luka, Bosnia and Herzegovina Contact
7 May Skopje, North Macedonia  
9 May Priština, Kosovo  
To be confirmed Tirana, Albania  
15 June Venue, Podgorica, Montenegro  


Dr Lea Kreszinger, a member of the WSAVA’s Continuing Education (CE) Committee and founder of a small animal clinic in Sesvete, Croatia, has organized this CE for WSAVA members in the Balkan region.  She said: “Neurological cases can be daunting for general practitioners – a fact confirmed by a recent WSAVA learning needs survey, which highlighted neurology as a key topic on which our members wanted more education.

“We’re delighted respond by offering these free one-day sessions with Dr Flegel, a highly experienced practitioner and teacher. He will demonstrate that neurology doesn’t have to be complicated and show delegates how they can improve the quality of life of dogs with neurological problems.”


For further information and to register, veterinarians are asked to contact their country member association.

Friends of Vets on The Balkans- Dr Lea Kreszinger

Today we will present one of our friends, vet and friend who always support Vets on The Balkans, Dr Lea Kreszinger.

12507257_1321202834572913_5626344650040540301_nShe is an owner of 24 hours veterinary clinic in Zagreb, Croatia, she is also the head of Croation Small Animal Section, Director of FECAVA for Croatia and mother of 4 kids….. We can say just super woman.

Let’s her friends discribe more about her:


22007383_10159506036200531_1581377269244761437_nDr Wolfgang Dohne

Wolfgang is senior veterinary surgeon and founder of the Virginia Water Veterinary Clinic and Senior President of FECAVA

“Lea is one of the most extraordinary people I had the pleasure of meeting in my professional life. She manages to combine a fine interlect with both mental and physical strength. I see Lea as role model for a new breed of veterinary professionals – highly skilled with a constant appetite to improve her knowledge and her skills, but at the same time being acutely aware of the importance of physical exercise and wellbeing and a good work life balance. There are not a lot of people I know who can combine raising virtually singlehanded four children, running a successful veterinary clinic, competing in various sportsevents, organising nummerous CPD events and still finding time – and strength – to enjoy the finer things in life with her friends.”


31675106_10156528301028738_1797739977140862976_oDr Vladislav Zlatinov

Veterinary surgeon Central Veterinary Clinic


“Lea is unique and extremely strong woman character. I have been gifted with her friendship for many years. I have always been respected. How one woman could be an excellent surgeon, opinion leader in the area, successful practice manager, organizer of massive scale vet events, mother of four kids, traveling all the time, always studying and improving…? This must demands hell of an energy and qualities! And strangely, nevertheless the successes and her character is at least as proud as an lion, she still keeps her modesty. Just great!


I am sure that she is a shining example for many girls in the veterinary profession that strong will, good work and determination can bring them wherever they want, nevertheless any obstacles on your way. So Lea is a great inspiration for the young vets.


But before all Lea is just a true friend, that will not leave you behind because of simple interests or whatever. In the unfair world this is priceless, and deserves all the respect and admiration. These are he kind of people I would like to have around me. We love you Lea :)”


45342245_10156991837538738_4110675489188741120_oDr Nikola Bunevski

Lea’s emloyee


“I must to describe dr.Lea(my boss) in some words?

I met Lea 10 years ago as a student on postgraduate studies of surgery. And in that time  i say to myself”i think that i can learn alot from this women”

She is one of those unselfish bosses and colleagues who is sharing knowledge and stands by your site in time of  need.

She is asking and listening,teaching and giving path of your success especially in time when you grow as a veterinarian…she is not just a boss but a friend on which you can count on!!!

I think that Lea is a hardcore teacher and a leader that shows you how to never give up-on patient,on situation,on position,on life in general.

Even almost after 10 years i’m learning each day something new…

Cheers to friendship!Cheers to success!Cheers to you Lea ”