About the “recipe” to be respected from all vets in Romania and is it hard to be a teacher nowadays ?…Alexandru Diaconescu, DVM, PhD, Senior Lecturer

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Alexandru Diaconescu, DVM, PhD, Senior Lecturer

1.How long  are you working in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest, Romania? And tell us more about your practice?

I work in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine in Bucharest since october 1990, at the Clinic of Obstetrics and Gynaecology . Before, I have worked for two years in a dairy cattle farm, near Bucharest.

2.Do you think  is hard to be a teacher nowadays?



I think that it is very different than 20 years ago, because, on one hand, the acces to information for the students is much easier, so you must pay attention to provide always  the newest things and, on the other hand, besides teaching, every teacher is involved in  research activities, documentation, etc. Supplementary, a teacher like me, who works in the clinical field, must have also hours of clinical activity with the students, on large and small animals.

3.What is the most important thing that you would like your students to learn from you?

That you cannot practice veterinary medicine without passion, without loving  animals, but also the humans.

4.What do you think about the level of veterinary medicine on the Balkans? and in Romania ?


with students

I think that that the level of veterinary medicine in the Balkan region, also in Romania, grows very fast, esspecialy in the field of companion animals. The demand on the market obliges the vet to learn every day the newest things and procedures, so that he can provide the best care for his clients.

5.Everybody has great opinion about you. Tell us more about your “recipe”?

It is not a recipe. I try to be honest to myself and to the others, and I try to do the best job possible to help the animal. I think that the students appreciate the fact that we can discuss freely on a certatin subject, as well that they can participate in certain surgical procedures, ultrasound exams, etc.

6.What do you think about our veterinary journal Vets on The Balkans?

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Vets on The Balkans

I think it’s a great idea! All the vets in the Balkans area can learn from each other’s experience, we can share opinions, interesting clinical cases, etc.

I wish you good luck!

We would like to express our gratitude to  Alexandru Diaconescu, DVM, PhD, Senior Lecturer! Or how romanians say ” SARUTMANA” (means ” kiss your hand ” ).